Elevate your trading performance

Twenty Trades is a smart trading journal and trade analytics platform.

Log your trades and immediately get personalised suggestions
on how to improve your trading.

Log trades

Our easy to use trading journal makes entering your trades a breeze.

Use watch lists, trading sessions and custom tagging to improve your trading routine.

We even import your trades from your broker so you don't have to manually put in the numbers.

Get insights

You get actionable suggestions on how to improve your trading.

Our trade analysis platform automatically finds patterns that would otherwise be hard to spot.

Our trade dashboard outlines the key metrics that are important to take your trading to the next level.

See improvements

Use our analysis to make adjustments to your trading system.

Monitor your changes using our advanced metrics tracking system

See your equity curve go up.

Questions? Contact us at info@twentytrades.com or get notified once we're ready to launch:

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